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Baby / Toddler Fudge Recipe (suitable for grown ups too:-)

Baby / Toddler Fudge Recipe (suitable for grown ups too:-)

This recipe is absolutely bursting with nutrition, it's created with minimally processed plant based ingredients and is really filling thanks to all the healthy fats and oils contained in the nuts and seeds. I called it baby fudge due to it's texture and consistency which makes it easy for little ones to consume. 
As well as the ingredients listed below you will need a good quality blender. I use a Vitamix which breaks down nuts and seeds into flour with relative ease. It also breaks down dates, the trick here is to leave some of the flour mixture in the blender with the dates and when you blend them they break down into tiny pieces and the flour prevents them sticking together. 

When you're adding all the ingredients at the end of the recipe you will need to use the blending stick - a utensil which accompanies many blenders used to push the ingredients down into the blades which really helps to get that smooth, sticky, yummy fudge like texture.

Follow the instructions on the video and enjoy :-)


1 cup mixed nuts (I always use cashews and almonds)

Half cup oats

Quarter cup flax seed

80g dates

2 tbsp almond butter

2 tbsp coconut oil

50ml water

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