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Home Made Baby Formula Recipe

Home Made Baby Formula Recipe


2 cups Organic Raw Goats Milk – I used raw milk because I was lucky enough to find a source near to me selling it Raw milk provides numerous enzymes, and allows the proteins to stay intact while pasteurisation renders them denatured. You probably won’t find raw goats milk, or you may be uncomfortable giving it to your baby, so you could try any of the goat’s milk you find at the supermarket.

2 Cups Distilled or Filtered Water – We have a distiller so that is what I used, any filtered water will do but nothing is purer than distilled. You MUST add water to dilute the milk as baby cannot digest pure milk until over 1 year old, and even then you must gently change the dilution from 50-50 to 60-40 then 70-30 and so on.

1 tsp Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil – For vitamin E

1 tsp Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil – For mono-saturated fats

2 tsp Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - this is very important, as it contains lauric acid which is a medium-chain fatty acid. It's an important antiviral, antifungal that's found in breast milk.

1-2 tsp Nutritional Yeast Flakes – this is also very important as it contains the B vitamins. If your child is gassy or has reflux remove the yeast first and see if it improves.

1-2 tsp Organic Pure Blackstrap Molasses – start with less and add more if required. This contains B vitamins, Iron, trace minerals and helps relieve constipation. If stools are too loose decrease amount.

2 tsp Raw Organic Dark Agave Nectar  – adds carbohydrates necessary for brain growth. You can use high grade Maple Syrup instead.

Multi Vitamin Drop (use as instructions on packet)

Proven Probiotics 0-12 months (use as instructions on packet)


First I add the milk and water to a pan and place on lowest heat. As I used raw milk it was important for me to keep temperature very low, I never let it heat past the melting point of coconut oil which is around 25 degrees. 

As the milk is slowly heating I add all the other ingredients apart from the multivitamin (you add this just to one bottle check the packet) and the Probiotic which again just add to one bottle. Add the Probiotic when it’s cooler or it will be useless. The coconut oil is hard at room temperature and the molasses are quite thick and sticky and require stirring. Once that’s done I blend VERY gently (lowest setting on Vitamix) until everything is combined. This make’s 5-6 8 ounce bottles.