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How Many Cookie's in a Packet?

How Many Cookie's in a Packet?

It's great to see so much choice out there when it comes to healthier snack bars but if you're purchasing them on a regular basis the costs soon add up. Even the small Nakd bars are around 75p for only 35g, some of the Trek bars are £1.50+ for one and as for Livia's Kitchen and Squirrel Sisters they come in at £2+ for a tiny portion!

One packet of cookie-mix is 422g which equates to 12 of these snack bars saving you £££ money whilst delivering more nutrition and definitely so much tastier, as you would expect from a home baked Belgian Chocolate Cookie :-)


For £12 you get two packets delivered direct to your door, that's almost 1kg of cookie-mix which if you compare to the average weight of one of these snack bars you will get the equivalent of 24 cookies, now that's a saving!

Unbeatable quality, value and nutrition.

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