Belgian Chocolate Cookie-Mix
Belgian Chocolate Cookie-Mix
Belgian Chocolate Cookie-Mix

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Belgian Chocolate Cookie-Mix


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Belgian Chocolate Cookie-Mix. Combining natures finest wholefood ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial, bursting with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, Cookie-Mix is high in Iron, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and Omega 3 and is a natural source of Protein, Selenium and Folic Acid. The cookies are easy to prepare, fantastic as a snack any time of the day (including breakfast!) and are great for kids to enjoy delivering high quality nutrition with every mouthful.

Each packet contains 422 grams, once prepared you get 12 cookies weighing roughly 35 grams each.

Simply empty the mix into a bowl adding 60ml water. Mix well until a stiff dough is formed. Leave the dough to stand for 10 minutes. Take a small dough ball and press into a cookie shape between the palms of your hands. Bake for 12 minutes on 160c. The cookies can be stored for up to a month but it's certain you will devour them a lot sooner!

You can read nutritionist Tamara Bennett's full review of Cookie-Mix here.


Sunflower Seeds, Dates, Dark Chocolate*, OATS, CASHEW NUTS, Flax Seed, ALMONDS, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Chips, Raw Cacao.

*Belgian Dark Chocolate: Cocoa mass (72%), sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla powder.

Vegan, Wheat Free, Soya Free.